Configure Dedicated Server
Select a dedicated server and OS with the possibility to rent additional resources and backup
Server model
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With a dedicated server you get:
  • Rental of server hardware
  • Use of fixed public IP address
  • Connection to 100Mbps or 1Gbps port
  • Use of internet link with included mean monthly bandwidth
  • Insight into the actual bandwidth of Internet traffic through a web interface
  • Quick intervention in case of hardware failure
  • Technical support


Setup includes the following:
  • Installing operating system and setting of basic services
  • Initial firewall settings, based on specification provided by the customer
  • Placing server in the rack
  • Connecting to Internet


Additional services:
  • Backup
  • Additional bandwidth
  • Private LAN
  • Intervention in configuring the firewall
  • Server monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Remote power controls
  • Help for purchasing additional software