Cpanel Licenses

Since September 1, 2019, cPanel has changed licensing method. Licenses can only be paid on a monthly basis (annual license payments are canceled) according to the number of accounts you have on your cPanel cloud server.

Until now, cPanel license policy allowed you to create an unlimited number of accounts. New policy of cPanel licensing mean that you can lease license according to number of active accounts on the server. If you change number of accounts it will change the price on a monthly basis in accordance with displayed price list. We encourage existing users to delete inactive or unnecessary test accounts in a timely manner, so you do not have to pay more than you actually use.

Service name Monthly price
cPanel Solo cloud licence – 1 account 1500 RSD
cPanel Admin cloud licence – up to 5 accounts 2500 RSD
cPanel Pro cloud license – up to 30 accounts 3500 RSD
cPanel Plus cloud licence – up to 50 accounts 4500 RSD
cPanel Premier cloud licence – up to 100 accounts 5500 RSD
cPanel Solo metal (dedicated server) licence – 1 account 2000 RSD
cPanel Premier metal (dedicated server) licence – up to 100 accounts 5500 RSD
cPanel licence - up to 125 accounts 5500 RSD
cPanel licence - up to 150 accounts 6500 RSD
cPanel licence - up to 200 accounts 7500 RSD

*All prices are VAT excluded.